What's a Hashtag?

August 28, 2018 1:59 PM | Don Richardson (Administrator)

My good friend Chris Jaeger of Book More Weddings and the International Association of Wedding Industry Professionals (IAWIP), has a new book coming out this year entitled "100 Things You Can Do to Reach More Brides & Grooms, Get More Inquiries from Your Website, and Book More Weddings."

Chris is definitely an Industry Expert, and very tech savvy. He shared this chapter of the upcoming book with his membership – and gave me permission to share it with all of you!

Photo by Jon Tyson

“Fine-tune Your Social Media Hashtag Strategy"

Hashtags are “signals” that can be used across your social media channels to connect with a targeted audience. I think of them as similar to the smoke-signals that Native Americans used hundreds of years ago to communicate with each other.

Hashtags are an online communication tool. Hashtags increase your social find-ability and social visibility, thereby helping you build your brand and drive traffic to your website. Used online they are words or phrases, with no spaces, preceded by a # sign. For example: #mauiweddingphotographers

Hashtags are typically placed after your post content. I've seen some placed within the post content and I do not recommend that you do that as it distracts from the post message.

Using the right hashtags, in the appropriate manner, will help you reach more couples in your geographical marketplace who are planning a wedding - and help you book more weddings.

While most people associate using hashtags with Twitter and Instagram, they can also be used at Facebook or even in your blog posts!

Action Items

Create a list of hashtags you could be using by researching the hashtags your competition is using at Instagram. While there, see which of their posts are getting the most likes. Do you see a pattern? How many followers do they have?

Look for “branding” hashtags used by local wedding planning websites and local wedding planning magazines in your marketplace (#mychicagowedding #capecodbride #bostonmagazine). Add these to your hashtag list. You might even use the hashtags #weddingwire and #theknot.

Keep your hashtags easily accessible and ready-to-use (copy/paste) using Evernote.

Use between 10 to 20 hashtags per post at Instagram, Facebook, and at the end of your blog posts.”

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